Jagannadha Raju Nagar in early 1990’s was a small hamlet east of HB Colony, located adjacent to the National Highway NH-5 (now NH-16), with almost vacant sites except for a few houses (Please see the location map). The roads were bad and there is no proper drainage. Then slowly it started with some individual houses. Apartments started to come up by 1992. The elderly citizens thought in November, 1990 that it is better to have an Association and the JR Nagar Residents Welfare Association (JRNRWA) was formed with its First meeting on 01.01.1991. Dr.AVSS Rama Rao was the Founder President with Sri.B.Narasimha Raju as Vice-President, S/s U.Tatayalu as Secretary, B.Lakshminarayana, Joint Secretary and Prof.K.Parvatheesam as Treasurer. Some developmental activities were taken up including the laying of blacktopped roads, provision of Municipal water, etc with the help of Municipal Corporation.

In 1999, Prof.BRK Raju has taken over as the President, Dr.KSR Murthy as Vice-President, KRM Patnaik as Secretary, T.Narasimha Rao as Joint Secretary and Sri. DN Appa Rao as Treasurer. The Bye-Laws of JRNRWA were drafted in 2000 with clear aims and objectives. The Association got registered. The Membership of JRNRWA was also increased to nearly 60 from 20. Several voluntary activities were initiated like “Sramadanam”, “Sports and cultural events”, were organized with enthusiastic initiative and participation from the members. The Association was actively implementing the Corporation programs like “Janachaitanya” and “Subhram”. All the Apartment Associations in the colony are now affiliated to JRNRWA, which in turn is affiliated to the Visakhapatnam Apartment Residents’ Welfare Association (VARWA).

The Colony’s activities came into a significant limelight in 2003, when JRNRWA under the Direction of Dr.KSR Murthy, organized a One Day Symposium on “Jagannadha Raju Nagar- A decade of Community Involvement Towards Making a Model Colony”. This Event organized on 20th December, 2003 focused on the different problems faced by the Residential Colonies and proposed a “Self-Help” and “Think Global and Act Local” approach for solving many of the issues without depending on Civic Authorities alone. There is no looking back for the Association since then and JRNRWA has intensified its welfare activities. In the course of the evolution, JR Nagar has now become one of the best colonies in Visakhapatnam with nearly 15 Apartments and around 40 to 50 individual houses. The Mission of the JRNRWA was clearly defined now; “To provide a happy, healthy and harmonious environment for all the residents of the colony”. In the course of time, the infrastructure of the Colony has also improved due to the efforts of several members, served on the Executive Committee. There was significant improvement in roads, street lights and drainage system in the colony.

Dr.KSR Murthy has taken over as the President of JRNRWA in October, 2013, a year coinciding with the Two Decade Celebrations of the Association, with S/s KRM Patnaik as Vice-President, Sri Rajesh Gupta as Secretary, B.Perumallu Raju as Joint Secretary and K.Appanna Setty as Treasurer. The Executive Committee now comprises of 10 members, with another 10 Members helping us in several Sub-Committees.

As commented by several senior citizens, the Association’s activities reached new heights since Oct., 2012 mainly because several welfare/cultural activities like Awareness Rallies on “Clean and Green”, “Mahilala Bhadratha”, walking competitions, Rangoli competitions, Republic Day, Ugadi, Buddha Purnima celebrations were organized with active participation from the residents. The significant part of the progress is the change in the temperament of the colony residents, who without depending on any outside help take up the cleanliness, security and the welfare of the colony by forming self-help groups.

The Colony has also got unprecedented face-lift during these 13 months mainly because of the new roads, a retaining wall at the eastern end, the formation of a Buddha Park at the north eastern end of the colony, the intensive plantation program taken up by the Association, the sitting benches erected for all the residents to relax in the evening. One more good news for the colony during this period is; one of its residents Prof.GSN Raju has become the Vice – Chancellor of Andhra University. This website “www.jrnrwa.com” was designed by Dr.K.S.R.Murthy, President, JRNRWA with the help of W3Studio and it is first of its kind in the city of Visakhapatnam for a Resident Welfare Association.

The colony is now celebrating this year as the Two Decade of JRNRWA. The ideas coined in 2003 towards a Model Colony are slowly being realized. It is definitely a significant achievement, since in 1990s this colony was a low-lying area almost like a slum and today it is considered as one of the best places to live in the city of Visakhapatnam.

JRNRWA will be organizing a One day Symposium on “Combating the Degrading Urban Environment-Role of Residents Welfare Associations” on Sunday, 22nd December, 2013 and we invite you all for the event.